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Collaborations at CPMCRI

Dr. Pierre Desprez (left) and Dr. Sean McAllister, Scientists at CPMCRI.


The expertise of our investigators continues to attract collaborations with incubator labs, industry, venture capital, and peer academic institutions across the U.S.

We value new collaborations as a means to foster healthy communities; enrich our valuable ties with business and industry; further support charitable foundations’ goals; and accelerate the research that results from government funding. Our collaborators benefit from leading-edge facilities and technologies, peer support, creative problem-solving, and access to CPMCRI experts and thought leaders.

Learn more about collaborating with us in the following initiatives:

CPMCRI's Cancer Avatar Project

CPMCRI's Center for Research on Human Aging

For more information and to collaborate with us, contact Michael Rowbotham, M.D., CPMCRI Scientific Director.