John Chung-Kai Chan, M.D. , Scientist; Gynecologic Oncologist at CPMC

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New advances in the treatment of gynecologic cancers

Research Overview

  • Dr. Chan specializes in the surgical and medical treatment of ovarian and other pelvic cancers at CPMC. He is board certified in gynecologic oncology, and obstetrics and gynecology.
  • He is investigating new treatments for gynecologic cancers, including targeted biologic therapies, and exploring the role of tumor-initiating cells in ovarian cancer.
  • A clinician and surgeon, Dr. Chan is a principal investigator of studies assessing the treatment and health outcomes of ovarian and uterine cancer patients.
  • Dr. Chan is the Gynecologic Oncology Lead for the Sutter Cancer Research Consortium.
  • He is a Physician Lead in CPMCRI’s Cancer Avatar Project.

Listen to Dr. Chan's perspectives on gynecologic cancer care at Sutter Health.


Dr. Chan obtained his M.D. from Los Angeles School of Medicine in Los Angeles, California. While at the University of California at Irvine, he completed a residency in obstetrics and gynecology, and a fellowship in gynecologic oncology.


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John Chung-Kai Chan, M.D. , Scientist; Gynecologic Oncologist at CPMC
Primary Research Interests
  • Diagnosis and treatment of ovarian and pelvic cancers
  • Prognostic factors for high-risk, early stage epithelial ovarian cancer