Kenneth Laxer, M.D., Ph.D. , Scientist; Director of the Sutter Pacific Epilepsy Program

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Research on neuroimaging techniques, cerebellar physiology, and pharmacologic approaches to treating epilepsy
  • High Field MR imaging showing "focal" epilepsy

    High Field MR imaging showing "focal" epilepsy has widespread brain abnormalities.


Research Overview

  • With over 40 years’ experience in epilepsy research, Dr. Laxer is renowned for expertise in developing neuroimaging techniques including magnetic resonance spectroscopy for the evaluation and management of epilepsy.
  • He investigates new diagnostics and treatments for uncontrollable seizures, and devises drug studies to improve pharmacologic options for patients unresponsive to standard treatments.
  • Dr. Laxer has published over 250 articles, abstracts, and book chapters on the management of epilepsy.
  • He is the Epilepsy Lead for the Sutter Neuroscience Research Consortium.




Dr. Laxer received his M.D. from the University of California, Irvine. He completed residencies in neurology and clinical neurophysiology at the Montreal Neurological Institute of McGill University, and conducted a fellowship in cerebellar physiology at the Neurological Sciences Institute in Portland, Oregon.


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Kenneth Laxer, M.D., Ph.D. , Scientist; Director of the Sutter Pacific Epilepsy Program
Primary Research Interests
  • Evaluation and management of epilepsy
  • Neuroimaging techniques