Discovery Investigators

California Pacific CURRENTS: The online journal of CPMC Research Institute


Peggy Cawthon, Ph.D., MPH; age-related physical decline; Senior Scientist  
Stewart Cooper, M.D.; liver disease; Director of the Kalmanovitz Liver Immunology Laboratory
Steven Cummings, M.D.; healthy aging, cognitive function, cardiovascular disease, breast cancer prevention, osteoporosis; Director of the San Francisco Coordinating Center
Shanaz Dairkee, Ph.D.; cellular models of breast cancer; Senior Scientist
Altaf Dar, Ph.D.; melanoma; Associate Scientist
Robert Debs, M.D.; cancer metastasis; Senior Scientist
David De Semir, Ph.D.; melanoma; Associate Scientist
Pierre-Yves Desprez, Ph.D.; breast cancer progression and metastasis; Senior Scientist
Dan Evans, Ph.D.; healthy aging; Associate Scientist
Mohammed Kashani-Sabet, M.D.; melanoma metastasis and progression, and melanoma treatment; Senior Scientist
Sean McAllister, Ph.D.; cancer pharmacology and animal models; Senior Scientist
John Muschler, Ph.D.; cancer metastasis; Scientist
Michael Rowbotham, M.D.; chronic pain; Senior Scientist and Scientific Director
Liliana Soroceanu, M.D., Ph.D.; brain cancer and other cancers; Senior Scientist
Katie Stone, Ph.D.; healthy aging and sleep disorders; Senior Scientist
Gregory James Tranah, Ph.D.; healthy aging, genetics of cognitive function, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, sleep, mitochondrial DNA; Senior Scientist
Esther Wei, Sc.D.; statistical models for predicting cancer risk; Scientist
Li Xi Yang, MD, Ph.D.; cancer therapeutics and multidrug resistance; Scientist
Garret L. Yount, Ph.D.; mind-body approaches to health and well-being; Senior Scientist