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Melanoma cells
As a cell becomes cancerous, its interactions with the surrounding environment and other neighboring cells change. This transformation can give a cancer cell the capability of invading through various tissues and eventually spread (or metastasize).

Our lab’s efforts support CPMC’s Cancer Center and its Center for Melanoma Research and Treatment—one of the largest melanoma programs in the U.S.—whose research and patient care initiatives are helping make important strides in the diagnosis and treatment of melanoma.

We have used a number of genome-wide approaches to identify probable cancer progression genes. Ongoing work is aimed at investigating and validating the role of several of these genes (including microRNAs) as molecular markers underlying the development and progression of cancer, using melanoma as a model. We have uncovered novel biomarkers associated with distinct stages of melanoma progression.

Our lab is studying the signaling pathways in which these markers promote cancer progression, and investigating the molecular subtypes of various cancers where they are enriched. We are defining the role of these genes as targets for treating solid tumors (including melanoma, breast cancer, glioblastoma, and lung cancer), either alone or in combination with targeted agents.

Lead Investigator
Lab Members
Vladimir Bezrookove, Ph.D.
Post-doctoral researcher
Altaf Dar, Ph.D.
Associate Scientist
Sebastien De Feraudy, M.D., Ph.D.
Post-doctoral researcher
David de Semir, Ph.D.
Associate Scientist
Reza Keikhaee, Ph.D.
Visiting Scholar
Jee Min Lee, B.S.
Research Technician
Mehdi Nosrati
Lab Manager
Program Manager of the Cancer Avatar Project

Lab Volunteers

Madeleine Bauer, B.S. (Austria)
Caroline Garger, B.S. (Austria)
Lauren McConnell, B.S. (Ireland)
Binh Phan, B.S.
Sara Ursu, B.S..
Elham Vosoughi, M.D.


Current Projects
  • CPMCRI's Cancer Avatar Project
  • Development and validation of molecular diagnostic markers for melanoma
  • Development and validation of molecular prognostic and predictive factors for melanoma and other cancers
  • Identification of miRNA markers of melanoma progression
  • Identification of functional mediators of tumor progression and metastasis
  • Identification of markers and mediators of resistance to targeted therapy
  • Identification of novel targets for treating advanced solid tumors