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non-small cell lung cancer cell treated with a camptothecin analog
Non-small cell lung cancer cell treated with a camptothecin analog for 24 hours, cultured for 5 days, and stained with anti-beta tubulin monoclonal antibody for staining microtubules (green) and with propidium iodide for staining DNA (red).

Recent advances in cancer therapies have dramatically improved outcomes for patients; but many cancers become resistant to therapy after initial treatment, and several commonly used chemotherapies have toxic side effects that limit their utility.

The Yang lab is developing new classes of chemoradiosensitizing drugs that significantly increase chemotherapeutic and radiation effects on cancers with reduced toxicity, and that circumvent the challenge of multidrug resistance. We are investigating novel agents that sensitize tumors to chemo- and radiation therapy.

Lead Investigator
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Hui-Juan Wang, B.Sc.
 Research Associate


Current Projects
  • Novel compounds for the treatment of cancer