San Francisco Coordinating Center

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An X-ray of the hip

An X-ray of the hip determines the presence of osteoarthritis—one of the age-related illnesses being studied in large, multi-cohort trials by investigators at the San Francisco Coordinating Center.



The San Francisco Coordinating Center (SFCC) specializes in coordinating multi-center studies in women's health, aging, cognitive function, cardiovascular disease, breast cancer prevention, osteoporosis, arthritis, and dementia.

Through a partnership between CPMCRI and the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF), the SFCC works selectively with industry and the National Institutes of Health to develop and conduct studies that have a critical impact on clinical research and public health.

The program uniquely combines scientific expertise with broad experience in managing multi-center studies, and offers access to a network of high quality, experienced clinical centers. These centers have a proven track record in recruitment and quality data collection to implement successful follow-up activities, and studies conducted by the Coordinating Center are known for high rates of publication. At the core of the Coordinating Center is a team with more than two decades of experience and innovation in clinical research and clinical trials.


Peggy Cawthon, Ph.D.
Steven Cummings, M.D. (SFCC Director)
Dan Evans, Ph.D.
Katie Stone, Ph.D.
Gregory Tranah, Ph.D.