Liver Diseases

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Immune response after hepatitis infection

A scanning electron microscope image of cells that are activated during the immune response after hepatitis B or C virus infection.


Hepatology researchers at CPMCRI are investigating the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying hepatitis B, C and other liver diseases. Identifying early molecular or genetic changes— which may be detected before the disease manifests any clinical symptoms—could lead to interventions that reduce the severity of liver disease, or even prevent it from developing.

A core focus among this group is on understanding hepatic immunity—or how the immune system responds to and clears hepatitis—with the goal to find new therapeutic targets, and protect donor livers transplanted into patients with hepatitis C.

Investigators and research areas


Infectious Diseases and Host Response

Mechanisms of protective immunity against hepatitis C virus infection
Stewart Cooper, M.D.


Transplant Hepatology

Maurizio Bonacini, M.D.