New documentary airing Sept. 3, 2016 will feature aging and longevity experts at CPMCRI

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Stay tuned and watch this show on KQED/PBS World on Saturday, September 3, 2016 at 2PM. Visit the film’s website for more information. It is also now available on Amazon Prime.

Review a blog post that describes the documentary and includes a link to the trailer. 

Who Wants to Live Forever, the Wisdom of Aging is a one-hour documentary film about the myths, facts and contradictions in the never-ending battle for both longevity and healthy aging, produced by Zan Media.  This film also examines the economic, political, social, spiritual and philosophical implications of living longer than any generation in history, with scores of experts’ commentary in their particular fields.

Often surprising interviews from a myriad of aging experts, both clinicians and scientists, include CPMCRI Senior Scientists Steve Cummings, MD, Greg Tranah, PhD, and Peggy Cawthon, PhD, as well as other aging and longevity experts across the U.S.

Striking commentary is also included by Emmy Award winning actor, author (Sleeping Where I Fall: A Chronicle, The Rainman’s Third Cure) and Buddhist priest, Peter Coyote, author and economist Dr. Robert Eyler, bestselling author Gary Braver (Elixir), Sonoma County, CA Supervisor and aging activist Shirley Zane, and Aging as a Spiritual Practice author Lewis Richmond. Viewers will also meet an albatross named Wisdom, a great white shark named Deep Blue and many other stellar seniors.

Who Wants to Live Forever, the Wisdom of Aging? is a compelling documentary for anyone in the world who aged today.

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